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LTA Youth Programme (4 - 14yrs)

LTA Youth Coaching programme -Guide to standard levels and progressions


Blue: 4-6 years – Learn the basics
This programme is designed to develop fine motor skills like balance, agility and coordination with basic racket skills.


Red: 6-8 years – Serve, rally and score
Children at this age progress their motor skills further and develop serves, rallies and scoring. It’s still soft balls and small courts but they learn everything they’ll need for the game ahead.


Orange: 8-9 years – Develop a rounded game
Children at Orange level progress their tactical understanding of playing the game further and develop their technical understanding of the different shots. The courts are bigger and wider than at the red stage. Compressed balls are used to ensure the children are hitting at the correct height.


Green: 9-10 years – Test your skills
Moving on to real, full-sized courts, it’s about fine-tuning and refining the techniques they’ve learnt.Compressed balls are used to assist with the height and speed of the ball.


Yellow: 10+ years – Take your skills further
Playing on full size courts with the balls the professionals use, children continue to explore different game styles and develop well-rounded motor skills whilst progressing a wider understanding of the tactics and techniques of the game.

NB Between the Red and Yellow stages the coaches will encourage the children (when it is felt they are ready) to play in fun team and individual competitions.

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Venue: South Lee School Indoor Sports Hall (Indoor)

Venue: Victory Ground Tennis Club (Outdoor)

LTA Youth
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